ABC’s diversified fall lineup

It seems as if ABC is trying to diversify their fall lineup. It’s an interesting move, but my question is “Are they trying too hard?” Read the article below and decide for yourself.


One thought on “ABC’s diversified fall lineup”

  1. ABC, the Asian, Black Chicano channel. Wow! “Fresh off the Boat”? Uh, I remember a time when if you called someone a FOB, it was a racial slur. So, why would it now be appropriate to title a sitcom by the same? “Hey everyone, look at the silly chinks coming to America, isn’t that funny?” FYI, Asians who immigrate to America usually don’t purchase a steak house as a business venture. ABC has a lot to learn about the “struggle” Asian families incur when immigrating to America. Instead of using broad stereotypes for comedic effect, I hope ABC will dare to explore the issues of race and racism that are experienced by these immigrants on a daily basis. The stereotype, the discrimination, the pain, is no joke
    Don’t even get me started on Black-ish? Really? How bout a show that explores the REAL deal of trying to live Black in a White America. You’re gonna need more than a ‘Cosby Show’ rip-off to do it. Just the premise of the story suggests just how little we have come. Let’s be honest, this black family only has this “identity crisis” because they live in a country that continues to be White dominant. And I don’t mean just in numbers. I mean in mentality as well. They should call the show, “This is a white world and you better learn how to deal with by ‘whitening’ yourself up!”
    From the git go, I don’t see how these shows, who stumble over the larger issues, will be able to accomplish anything more than just keeping stereotypes alive. In the end, we will still be laughing at them, not with them.

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